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Contour Your Nose With Tips From Women’s Best

by DontSave
Contour your nose

Good makeup can create miracles, this is just a fact! Through your own nose, you can make the wide nose look narrower, the long nose looks shorter, or the short nose looks higher – this has dependent on makeup technology.

What Does One Got to Create Your Nose smaller:

  • A lightweight concealer (should be 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone).
  • A highlighter.
  • Brunette concealer (color should be 1-2 color than your natural skin color), you can also use brown blush or eye shadow, matte bronze cosmetics or carving powder. Cream products can also be used to outline the contours of the nose, but the powder is more likely to use, especially for beginners.

Remember, light color will highlight your feature, emphasize and make them more prominent, and darkness will shadow, so that your nose is smaller and produces depth.

How to contour your nose:

  • Start with your usual makeup.
  • As a next step, add a little dot at the tip to make your nose slightly.
  • After the powder is applied, it will highlight the nose center with shallow concealer. Starting between the eyebrows, go down on the nose and stop before you go to the end.
  • Now, use darker concealer, draw two lines on both sides of your nose. Use eye shadow brush to draw an outline. They should start from the eyebrow bone, until your nose end. First, make sure the line remains light – step by step to add a darker concealer than remove it easier. Tips: You can also use a pencil or Q tote as a small ruler.
  • Blend! Use a sponge or your ring finger to soften the stripe.
  • Add a subtle shadow to the top of your nose. This will prevent your nose from being too long (if your nose is short, you should skip this step).
  • Then, use your finger or makeup mixer (they should not look too harsh) to put the lines out).
  • As the last step, if you like, you can use some highlighted powders.

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