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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Everything you wish to understand concerning breast cancer.

by DontSave
Breast Cancer
Since October is breast cancer publicity month, we want to tell you everything about breast cancer you should know. What are the risks, symptoms, have there a chance to prevent? This article will give you a lot of important questions.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, but also the most common form of cancer. Breast cancer is an abnormal and rapid breast cell division. They continue to aggregate and begin to form a lump or lump. Cancer cells can diffuse from the breast into lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Breast cancer is mainly developed in three different stages: in breastfeeding, pregnancy or adolescents. After menopause, the gland tissue disappears, but the disease is still developing. Although breast cancer is more common in women, men may also be affected in rare cases.

Breast Cancer Symptoms:

The first breast cancer usually occurs in an underarm mass or a thickened area of the chest tissue. Other symptoms may include chest or underarm pain, but remain unchanged in menstruation cycles. The appearance of the nipple can also be a good indicator, for example, a recessed, inverted or deformed nipple can also be a symptom. However, most breast lymph nodes are not cancerous.

Breast Cancer Stages:

The classification of doctors on breast cancer is mainly based on the tumor and whether it has spread to lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

  • Issue 0: The case of cells that are only in the cells in the breast gland, which has not affected the surrounding tissue.
  • The first stage: the tumor size of this stage can reach 2 cm.
  • The second stage: At this stage, the tumor width is 2 cm and has begun to spread to the surrounding lymph nodes, or a width of 2-5 cm, and has not been spread to the lymph node.
  • The third stage: Now the tumor has spread to several lymph nodes, with a width of 5 cm, larger, less spread.
  • The fourth stage: In the final stage, cancer has spread to the farther organ, usually the liver, bones, lungs or brains.

Survival rate of breast cancer:

The survival rate of breast cancer is generally improved, but there is still different glibally. In general, in many countries, the opportunity to obtain healthcare has improved, and most breast cancer cases are found early. In addition, the treatment of surgery and tailor-made treatment is also developing.

Support Someone Going Through Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is a sensitive topic, not only to make your body tired. People need emotional and actual support. The affected people may have emotions such as angry, sadness, fear or depression. It is sometimes difficult to respond to these strong emotions, but it is the best way to stand next to them: show your emotions – even if you mean you will cry, quarrel or conduct long-term discussions. Let them express their ideas and feelings, listen to them, when they need you most. In order to support the people you love, try to maintain a positive attitude to prevent you from worrying with your friends. When emotions become overwhelming, it can help you actively – for you. Exercise is a good way to fight against tense and will help you re-get the sense of control. Even simple yoga exercises or meditation will help.

In order to get practical support, it is best to alleviate the pressure of your afflicted friends, companion or family members in daily life. For example, you can perform tasks such as cleaning, cooking or bringing their children from school or to school. Sometimes it is difficult to help you, because you don’t want to be too solid, so a good way to provide you support is to say: “Do you want me to cook tonight?” Instead, “What can I do for you?” Some people will feel embarrassed to your help. They need to keep their life normal as much as possible, so don’t feel injured, just try support when needed. You will find the best solution with the people you love to help them overcome this difficult time.

Ribbon Breast Cancer:

The international logo of breast cancer is a pink ribbon. Therefore, people wearing a pink ribbon show their moral support for breast cancer women.

Charities Breast Cancer :

If you want to support breast cancer, you have some choices, such as donating a research foundation, such as the US Breast Cancer Research Foundation or Germany’s “German Pink Ribbon”.

Women’s Best contribution:

We will donate 10% of all order profits in October 2020 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to prevent breast cancer by promoting the most promising studies in the world.

The amount raised will be announced on our point account on October 8, 2020. If you can contribute to this career by ordering or sharing information, we will be very grateful.

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