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Contour your nose

Good makeup can create miracles, this is just a fact! Through your own nose, you can make the wide nose look narrower, the long nose looks shorter, or the short nose looks higher – this has dependent on makeup technology.

What Does One Got to Create Your Nose smaller:

  • A lightweight concealer (should be 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone).
  • A highlighter.
  • Brunette concealer (color should be 1-2 color than your natural skin color), you can also use brown blush or eye shadow, matte bronze cosmetics or carving powder. Cream products can also be used to outline the contours of the nose, but the powder is more likely to use, especially for beginners.

Remember, light color will highlight your feature, emphasize and make them more prominent, and darkness will shadow, so that your nose is smaller and produces depth.

How to contour your nose:

  • Start with your usual makeup.
  • As a next step, add a little dot at the tip to make your nose slightly.
  • After the powder is applied, it will highlight the nose center with shallow concealer. Starting between the eyebrows, go down on the nose and stop before you go to the end.
  • Now, use darker concealer, draw two lines on both sides of your nose. Use eye shadow brush to draw an outline. They should start from the eyebrow bone, until your nose end. First, make sure the line remains light – step by step to add a darker concealer than remove it easier. Tips: You can also use a pencil or Q tote as a small ruler.
  • Blend! Use a sponge or your ring finger to soften the stripe.
  • Add a subtle shadow to the top of your nose. This will prevent your nose from being too long (if your nose is short, you should skip this step).
  • Then, use your finger or makeup mixer (they should not look too harsh) to put the lines out).
  • As the last step, if you like, you can use some highlighted powders.
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rid of eye bags and dark circles

This may be one of the most common beauty issues that every woman knows, a doubt: how to get rid of the eye bags and dark circles. The bag under the eyes not only makes you look very tired, and when you have a date, it will be very frustrating.

What are the explanations for eye bags:

Your eyes began to expand, including a variety of differences, including lack of sleep, stress, hangover, contact lenses, crying, genetics, dermatitis, body hormones, allergic reactions or diet.

What You Can Do to Get Rid of Eye Bags:

  • Get enough sleep (at least 8 hours).
  • Drink lots of water: once the body is well hydrated, there’s less probability of water retention that may cause your under-eye space and different components of your body to swell.
  • Avoid Sodium and Reduce your Salt intake.
  • Avoid Alcohol.
  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes.
  • Massage your face: A light self-massage can really help to reduce the puffiness.
  • Please let you sleep in your sleep! This is the best posture that helps keep your skin, because you will not stop your face on your pillow to encourage facial shrinkage.
  • Lotten the head while sleeping. Flat lay can lead to the accumulation of liquid under the eyes.
  • When you work on the screen, let your eyes take a break. Every time you stay on your computer, you have to rest 5 to 10 minutes. Try to look at your eyes every few minutes, close your eyes, go to the window or outside.

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best foods

Healthy diet is critical to exercise muscles, most of us know this. But after the end of the gym, you must know what type of food you should eat is still not always easy.

Our body can exercise muscles, restore health 24 hours a day, not just during the exercise during the gym. However, for those who want to exercise muscles, weight loss or improve the body, the food after exercise may remain the most important meals in the day.

Eating the right food can give your body to increase muscle, combustion fat, and restore the fuel required. In order to help you make full use of your exercise, we have collected the best food after workout.

Eat a Mixture of Various Muscle Recovery Foods:

Food is crucial after eating high quality exercise. In order to recover from the exercise, the protein and a small amount of carbohydrate are the best after exercise.

Don’t Eat a too Big Post-Workout meal:

What is important is not to overestimate how much extra calories consumes in sports, especially when you want to lose weight. Remember, eating a lot of calories is easy, but it is difficult to burn them. Try to eat healthy, nutrition and healthy snacks after exercise, rather than a lot of food.

Muscle recovery food #1: Protein:

The period after power training is called a synthetic window. This is when your body requires an appropriate amount or high protein food to build and restore muscle tissue.

Muscle recovery food #2:  Good Carbs:

After a workout, your body are depleted in muscle glycogen. you’ll ought to refuel it with smart carbs so as to begin the expansion process.

Muscle recovery food #3: Fluids:

Forget all sugar sports drinks, they do not include meals exercising after our list. Your body is most needed is the right amount of water. The more you exercise, before exercising, you will drink and drink after exercise. Dehydration will make you very difficult to get the biggest benefits from your exercise, or even harmful to your health.

Best foods to Eat After Workout:

Still uncertain, what should I eat after exercise? The following is our suggest that foods eaten after training to help speed up recovery and exercise muscles.

  • Kefir and Banana.
  • Almonds and Apple.
  • Protein Shake mixed with Almond Milk.
  • Tofu, Avocado and Cooked Broccoli.
  • Greek Yogurt and Raspberries.
  • Quinoa and Blueberries.
  • Salmon and Veggies.
  • Chicken and Sweet Potatoes.
  • Salad with boiled Eggs/Roasted Chickpeas.
  • Green juice and Hemp Seed Protein.

Looking for added support to strengthen your muscles? look into our muscle bundle and several different product that facilitate with muscle building!

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anti-cellulite die
When you wear this super sexy bikini on the beach, when you enjoy your holiday, you don’t want to worry about cellulose. But in fact, most women must solve this problem.

In fact, you Didn’t get a Fat Group Overnight. It is caused by factors such as hormone imbalance and genes, or it is caused by years of bad eating habits and lack of exercise. There are a lot of food to cause fatigue, you should definitely avoid eating! It is time to change yourself and look at your body. Believe us, you will see the result.

Change Your Diet into the Anti-Cellulite Diet:

Want to know what food can cause cellulose, what food can reduce cellulose? To clear the toxins in the body, you must eat clean, alkaline and unprocessed food. In order to reduce cellulose, you should avoid fast food and refining, processing meals.

  • Dreaming of those who don’t have fatty groups? So don’t eat too much sugar and salt! Sugar is stored in fat cells and causing them to expand. The salt contains sodium, which can cause the liquid to stay, so that the fat group looks worse.
  • Want to know which food will cause cellulose? Then, avoid acidic beverages such as coffee, alcohol, or soft drink. On the contrary, drinking green tea – studies have shown that green tea helps release fat and increase fat burning.
  • Reduce the level of bad fat in the diet, and eat healthy fat, such as avocado, coconut oil and oily fish. Good fat is necessary to produce hormones, so if you want to reduce the fatty group, you eat 20% of you need healthy fat.
  • In order to reduce cellulose, eat more alkali foods such as vegetables and fresh fruits (but also avoiding too sugar-containing fruit). You can also view our red super food smooth sand, which contain a lot of healthy berries, so it is a natural energy for your body.
  • Help you reduce the fatty food is a healthy protein (egg chicken, fish, lentils, buckwheat).
  • Reduce the fatty diet includes plenty of water.
  • Please don’t smoke! Nicotine contains toxins formed from sour.
  • Avoid using refined carbohydrates such as white flour, bread and rice.

Does a healthy diet mean to give up snacks completely? No, it is not. You can still eat snacks, just try to find a healthy alternative, such as a healthy ice or a vitamin berries.

Try to Eat More of These Foods to Reduce Cellulite:

  • Papaya.
  • Cucumber
  • Celery.
  • Avocado.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Quinoa.
  • Broccoli.
  • Millet.
  • Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries).
  • Cinnamon (increases blood circulation).
  • Kale,Etc.

If you want to get rid of the fat group, your diet will play a lot of roles, but please pay attention to it, you can only get the best results when you consider the exercise. Use our exercise ideas to see “How to lose weight fat”.

To total it up, eat foods that scale back cellulite, sweat, hit the gym, brush regularly, and reduce cellulite!

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Breast Cancer
Since October is breast cancer publicity month, we want to tell you everything about breast cancer you should know. What are the risks, symptoms, have there a chance to prevent? This article will give you a lot of important questions.

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, but also the most common form of cancer. Breast cancer is an abnormal and rapid breast cell division. They continue to aggregate and begin to form a lump or lump. Cancer cells can diffuse from the breast into lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Breast cancer is mainly developed in three different stages: in breastfeeding, pregnancy or adolescents. After menopause, the gland tissue disappears, but the disease is still developing. Although breast cancer is more common in women, men may also be affected in rare cases.

Breast Cancer Symptoms:

The first breast cancer usually occurs in an underarm mass or a thickened area of the chest tissue. Other symptoms may include chest or underarm pain, but remain unchanged in menstruation cycles. The appearance of the nipple can also be a good indicator, for example, a recessed, inverted or deformed nipple can also be a symptom. However, most breast lymph nodes are not cancerous.

Breast Cancer Stages:

The classification of doctors on breast cancer is mainly based on the tumor and whether it has spread to lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

  • Issue 0: The case of cells that are only in the cells in the breast gland, which has not affected the surrounding tissue.
  • The first stage: the tumor size of this stage can reach 2 cm.
  • The second stage: At this stage, the tumor width is 2 cm and has begun to spread to the surrounding lymph nodes, or a width of 2-5 cm, and has not been spread to the lymph node.
  • The third stage: Now the tumor has spread to several lymph nodes, with a width of 5 cm, larger, less spread.
  • The fourth stage: In the final stage, cancer has spread to the farther organ, usually the liver, bones, lungs or brains.

Survival rate of breast cancer:

The survival rate of breast cancer is generally improved, but there is still different glibally. In general, in many countries, the opportunity to obtain healthcare has improved, and most breast cancer cases are found early. In addition, the treatment of surgery and tailor-made treatment is also developing.

Support Someone Going Through Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is a sensitive topic, not only to make your body tired. People need emotional and actual support. The affected people may have emotions such as angry, sadness, fear or depression. It is sometimes difficult to respond to these strong emotions, but it is the best way to stand next to them: show your emotions – even if you mean you will cry, quarrel or conduct long-term discussions. Let them express their ideas and feelings, listen to them, when they need you most. In order to support the people you love, try to maintain a positive attitude to prevent you from worrying with your friends. When emotions become overwhelming, it can help you actively – for you. Exercise is a good way to fight against tense and will help you re-get the sense of control. Even simple yoga exercises or meditation will help.

In order to get practical support, it is best to alleviate the pressure of your afflicted friends, companion or family members in daily life. For example, you can perform tasks such as cleaning, cooking or bringing their children from school or to school. Sometimes it is difficult to help you, because you don’t want to be too solid, so a good way to provide you support is to say: “Do you want me to cook tonight?” Instead, “What can I do for you?” Some people will feel embarrassed to your help. They need to keep their life normal as much as possible, so don’t feel injured, just try support when needed. You will find the best solution with the people you love to help them overcome this difficult time.

Ribbon Breast Cancer:

The international logo of breast cancer is a pink ribbon. Therefore, people wearing a pink ribbon show their moral support for breast cancer women.

Charities Breast Cancer :

If you want to support breast cancer, you have some choices, such as donating a research foundation, such as the US Breast Cancer Research Foundation or Germany’s “German Pink Ribbon”.

Women’s Best contribution:

We will donate 10% of all order profits in October 2020 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to prevent breast cancer by promoting the most promising studies in the world.

The amount raised will be announced on our point account on October 8, 2020. If you can contribute to this career by ordering or sharing information, we will be very grateful.

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How to get a slim waist

When they adjust their body, most women’s goals are to let their body like hourglass. This means there is a small waist and a very round ass. This body is emphasizing your curve and looks super female!

When your hip muscles are gradually enhanced, your waist has become more straightforward, but it is more difficult to think that slim is a bit.

First of all, this is due to your hips and back, the optical difference between your waist and shoulders. When you exercise, you must not only aim at your waist and hips to achieve slim waist, but also to train your shoulders to get the shape of the hourglass.

Second, there are some suggestions about your posture, fashion choices and nutrition, can help you achieve your dream shape.

Quick Tips to induce a slim waist:

  • Improve your posture and walk confidently.
  • Wear push-up bra, pencil skirt and sweetheart neck skirt.
  • Drink plenty of water (improve digestion).
  • Eat six meals a day (this can avoid overeating and bloating).
In addition to these fast techniques, we certainly develop a slim waist exercise routine, it is tailored to the muscles required for your hopper shape.

Slim Waist Workout Routine:

This routine uses various exercises, will tighten your core, define your upper body, and give your hips a shape of a shape!


Many traditional core exercises can actually enhance core muscles. They enhance your side muscles, so your core will be just like a ruler shape on both sides.

  1. Standing Cable Wood Chop.
  2. Twisted crunches.
  3. Oblique Crunch on Exercise Bal.

1.Standing Cable Wood Chop:

Start location: Add a standard handle on a high pulley. Standing on your side to the machine and step far, you need to stretch your arm.

  • Now pull the handle down to your front knee while rotating your upper body.
  • Repeat this method as usually because it is mentioned on your elbow grease routine!

2.Twisted crunches:

beginning posture: Lying on the ground or on the exercise pad, the hands are placed on one aspect of the head, bending the knees:

  • Raise your higher body by getting your abdominals and produce your elbow to the opposing sides’ knee.
  • Go Back slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat the motion with the opposite elbow.
  • Go Back slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat this method as usually because it is mentioned on your elbow grease routine!

3.Oblique Crunch on Exercise Bal:

Start location: Take a practice ball, then lying on the ball. The hand is placed behind the brain.

  • Now, the left shoulder is raised to the right, trying to push the lower back to the ball to isolate the abdomen. Contracted abdomen until you reach the highest point. Exhaust during this movement.
  • Repeat this motion currently for the alternative aspect and simply flip your elbows slightly to your obliques.
  • Keep your chin high, that method you’re not straining your neck.
  • Repeat this action until you feel your abdominal muscles at work.
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If you add some extra weight around your abdomen, our exercise is very suitable for you! They will help you quickly get rid of your love.

How To Lose Belly fat!

First of all, what is the top of muffins? This is the annoying flap, will overflow in the waist, also known as the love handle. For many people, especially for women, the body keeps most of the fat around the abdomen.
Unfortunately, hundreds of bread crumbs are not good, because the top of muffins is mainly fat. Some people still believe that they can eliminate fat in a certain field by one-time, also known as “reducing spots.” Don’t be fooled by this theory! Unfortunately, spot reduction is impossible. To lose a muffin top, you need to focus on systemic weight loss, thereby reducing your whole body fat. Movement focus on the abdomen does have to help you lose your abdomen fat, however, you need to work on all regions and different muscles to have a strong stomach.
The fastest way to reduce excess belly fat is combined with a comprehensive power exercise with a strong aerobics, you will lose your muffins at any time at any time.

HIIT+Cardio Training to Burn Belly Fat:

The heart and hiit training are critical, if you want to lose your muffins top! High-strength intermittent training (hiit) training is the most effective reduction of abdominal fat. It will make your heart beat, forcing your heart and lungs to work hard to burn more calories. The more you burn your body, the easier you will lose your abdomen fat. What is important is to choose your favorite exercises, which will make you power. Running, rotating, resignation, swimming, boxing, ellipse training, and even hiking are very effective ways. Exercise often as much as possible, but at least three times a week, lasting 30-40 minutes. In order to get rid of your love handle faster, try to integrate more steps into your daily life – walk or cycling to work, walking the stairs instead of elevators, walking shopping, etc.

Strength Training to Define ABS:

Don’t help you get rid of your abdomen fat, but when you lose weight, they will give you a tighter, softer look. Target your lower abdominal muscle, upper abdominal muscle, oblique muscle and lower back work throughout the waistline. In addition, exercises against other muscle parts are performed. By adding muscles in your body, you will increase your rest metabolic rate and burn more calories while resting. This will give you weights in your middle and get rid of your muffins at the top of your mu. Repeat the following routine exercise about fat burning every week, each exercise three times.
Do you not wear such a fierce exercise? With “the best women”, you will not have any excuses.

Your power workout plan to get rid of love handles and muffin top:

Tuesday: Strength Training.

Wednesday: High-Intensity Cardio Training.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: Strength Training.

Saturday: Cardio Training + Strength Training.

Sunday: Rest.

Monday: High-Intensity Cardio Training.


  1. Standing Cable Wood Chop.
  2. Hyperextensions.
  3. Single Leg Glute Bridge.
  4. Cross-Body Crunch.
  5. Oblique Crunch on Exercise Ball.
  6. Crunch on Exercise Ball.
  7. Exercise Ball Pull-In.
  8. Crunch – Legs on Bench.
  9. Side Bridge.

1.Standing Cable Wood Chop:

Start location: Add a standard handle on a high pulley. Standing on one side to the machine, and step on you need to stretch your arm (grab your handle with your hands).
  • Now pull your hand to your front knees, and rotate your upper body.
  • Repeat this method as usually because it is mentioned in your exertion conceive to lose belly fat!


Start location: Use an overtensive workbench. Adjust your measures to make your machine (bend your upper body should be possible, don’t interrupt your waist), lying on it, cross your arms in your chest (touch your shoulders). Try to keep the back straight in the entire exercise process.
  • Start bending your trunk over the pad whereas inhaling.
  • Lift yourself up by acquiring the lower back to your beginning position. Exhale throughout this motion.
  • Repeat this method as usually because it is mentioned in your exertion conceive to lose belly fat!

3.Single Leg Glute Bridge:

Startup: Lying on the floor or on the exercise pad, the double foot is flat on the ground, the knee is bent. Separate your feet with the width of your hips, toe to face you. Lift an leg from the ground and completely stretch it.
  • Now, this action is performed by stretching your hips and lifts your hips from the ground (try to keep this location for a few seconds, and ensure as stretching as much as possible).
  • Repeat this method as usually because it is mentioned in your exertion conceive to lose belly fat!

4.Cross-Body Crunch:

Starting posture: On the floor or at the exercise pad, the hands are placed on the head side, bending the knee.

  • Lift your upper body, shrink your abdomen, bring your elbow to the other’s knees.
  • Go back slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat the motion with the opposite elbow.
  • Go back slowly to the starting position.
  • Repeat this practice, just as mentioned in your abdomen exercise.

5.Oblique Crunch on Exercise Ball:

Starting position: Get an exercise ball and have intercourse your back flat on the ball. place your hands behind your head. TIP: you’ll be able to additionally put your hands in front, this might assist you to carry your balance.
  • Now, lift your left shoulder to the right, try push your lower back to the ball to isolate the abdomen. Continue to shrink the abdominal muscles until you reach the highest point.
  • Repeat this motion currently for the other facet and simply flip your elbows slightly to your obliques.
  • Keep your chin high, that manner you’re not straining your neck.
  • Repeat this action until you feel your abdominal muscles at work.

6.Crunch on Exercise Ball:

Starting posture: supine, double feet on exercise ball, knees bend 90 degrees. The hands are placed behind the brain (loosely squint):

  • Now roll your shoulder off the ground and take a look at to push your lower back on the floor to isolate the abdominals. Keep acquiring the abdominals till you’ve got reached the very best point. Exhale throughout this motion.
  • Then start bringing your shoulder back to the starting position (keep control, do not use any moment).
  • Repeat this method as typically as mentioned in your gem high effort routine!

7.Exercise Ball Pull-In:

Start location: Close sports balls close to the feet and then enter the push-up position. Place your calf on top of the ball and keep your leg stretch.

  • Keep your upper body and arms station, pull your knee to your chest and exhale in this movement.
  • Then start reaching your leg back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this fat-burning exercise as typically as mentioned in your effort routine!

8.Crunch – Legs on Bench:

Start location: supine, two feet are placed on the bench, and the knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. Place your hands gently in your brain and put your feet on the floor.

  • Now roll your shoulders from the floor, try push your lower body to the floor to isolate the abdomen. Continue to shrink the abdominal muscles until you reach the highest point you can get. Exhale in this action.

9.Side Bridge:

Starting position: Lie on your aspect and elevate your hip up whereas you’re supporting your body together with your foot and your forearm.

  • Hold this position ciao as it’s planed in your belly fat exercising routine!
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Lift your boobs! Exercises To Lift Breasts

The Best Exercises To Lift your Breasts And Make Them Bigger:

Do you want a bigger and more sexy chest? Doing push-ups is not your only choice! We have prepared the best breasts to be firmly practiced, which will enhance your chest! By exercising the chest with sufficient weight, you can ensure that sufficient stimulation to develop breast muscles.

Workout Routing For BOOBS:

  • After 5 minutes of warm-up, after your regular oxygen or strength exercise after you have a breast augmentation. Remember to wear comfortable clothes (see our sportswear series!).
  • A short break between the collections to maintain high strength.
  • Each group does 8-12 exercises, each exercise 2-3 times.
  • Do two chest movements twice a week.


  1. Incline Dumbbell Bench Press.
  2. Incline Dumbbell Flyers and have perkier breasts.
  3. Dumbbell Bench Press to lift your breasts.
  4. Push-ups to lift your breasts.
  5. Push up to side plank as a part of your breast workout.

1.Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:

Start location: Lying on a sloping bench, hands holding a dumbbell. Vertically lift the dumbbell until they are above your shoulder joint. Dumbbells should touch at the top. Stabilize your body by pressing shoulders, heads and hips on the bench.

  • The two dumbbells are slowly moved down and controlled until the front arm is in a vertical position, and the dumbbell is at the shoulder height.
  • Then, when you breathe out, use your chest to raise a dumbbell in the flat arch. At top, squeezed your chest and keep a moment
  • Start returning slowly and raise them to the starting position again.
  • Repeat this method as typically because it is mentioned in your boob exercising routine!

2.Incline Dumbbell Flyes and have perkier breasts:

Start location: Lying on the tilt platform located at 45 degrees tilt angle. Holding dumbbells, arm arm, elbow, slightly bending. Turn your wrist and make your palm face you.

  • Inhale, then move the dumbbell down slowly. Your arm needs to remain stretched – just put down the arm to hold the dumbbell! Continue to go down until your hand is almost parallel to the floor.
  • Be a short break, when you get absolute, slowly control the dumbbell back to the starting position until they are slightly contacted. At the top, squeeze your chest and keep it a second.
  • Slowly, raise your dumbbells and restore the starting position.
  • Repeat this method as typically because it is mentioned in your boob exercising routine!

3.Dumbbell Bench Press to lift your breasts:

Start location: lying on the flat bench, hands holding dumbbells. Lift the dumbbell vertical until they are placed above the clavicle. Close your shoulders, heads and hips on a bench, to stabilize your body.

  • Move slowly and control two dumbbells until they reach the high height of the chest.
  • Then when you breathe, lift the dumbbells with your chest. At top, squeezed your chest and keep a moment.
  • Start returning slowly and raise them to the starting position again.
  • Repeat this method as typically because it is mentioned in your boob exercising routine!

4.Push-ups to lift your breasts:

Start posture: This is one of the simplest but most effective chest, shoulders and arms exercises.

  • Lying on the floor, face the face, put your hands wider than your shoulder.
  • Slowly, control the ground to absorb and reduce the body until the torso is close to the ground.
  • Keep the lowest position for about one second, exhale, start to stretch your arm until your body returns to the beginning.
  • Repeat this method as typically because it is mentioned in your boob exercising routine!

5.Push up to side plank as a part of your breast workout:

Starting position: Start Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} push-up position on the ground or an exercise mat.

  • Push-ups, move your body to one before reaching the top position and lift the other person’s arm up. (Keep this location for a few seconds).
  • Return to the starting position, this action is repeated, then move to the other.
  • Repeat this method as typically because it is mentioned in your boob exercising routine!

Note: Carefully choose a sufficient heavy weight before your chest workout. You should think that you can do about 15 to 20 represent each set, but not more. Challenge yourself is very important, otherwise, the growth of breast muscles will not happen. You should also support your muscles and choose some women’s best muscle building products.

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